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Hello everyone ! We hope that our previous article on destination ideas helped inspire you. Today we are going to present to you 5 applications that will help you organize your trip. The purpose of vacation time is to rest in order to escape from our daily lives; taking a break is sometimes necessary. Certain applications can be particularly useful for organizing, planning and simplifying our relaxation plans.

We also invite you to share with us your vacations, your essential applications and your opinions of course!

Good accounts make good friends

Indeed, if you are planning a vacation with friends: the goal is not to come home angry.

We offer you an application available on Android and IOS which will allow you to manage your budget, but also to organize your group expenses.

Tricount will allow you to list all expenses related to a trip.

As the currency master that it is, the Easy Currency tool presents itself as one of the flagship applications for traveling. You just need to create your personal list of currencies for the application to give you the exchange rate. Most ? Easy Currency does not need the Internet to work.

Step 1: fly away or hit the road

Kiwi stands out as THE reference for online flight comparators in application. With no less than 700 airlines under its belt, the application offers you the best offer for a very attractive price.

For carpooling, we recommend Blablacar in Europe.

Step 2: find accommodation

In addition to Booking or Airbnb , which are well-known travel applications, Couchsurfing offers you a full-fledged accommodation experience, with values of sharing and mutual aid. The application allows you to find accommodation with locals, for a few hours full of meetings.

When it comes to youth hostels: Hostelworld stands out with its 36,000 properties in 170 different countries.

If you decide to travel by van, campervan or other, here is the application you need: Park4night .

It is a collaborative application allowing you to share and find places to stop in your motorhome.

Step 3: move

Uber is present in many countries, but travelers often use competing local apps that are cheaper. For several countries: Africa, Malta and Lebanon, we recommend: Bolt.

For Algeria: Careem, Temtem, Yassir .

For Spain, Portugal, Germany and Romania: freenow .

For Morocco: Heetch

Step 4: Orientation and Activity

For your activities, we advise you to look at Get your Guide. On the other hand, it is sometimes more interesting to book on site or at a tourist agency, because the prices can be higher online.

Finally, so as not to get lost, a great classic: Google maps . You can download the maps offline and the reviews from travelers are often very enriching.

Next, it is important to download the app for the city you are in in order to have the most reliable information on local public transport.

Step 5: Communicate

Finally, to be able to fully benefit from your experience: you have to communicate and Duolingo is there to help you, Google translate too. It is possible to put offline mode by downloading the languages that interest us.

It is important to make yourself understood in order to fully enjoy your vacation, but also to meet new people, because traveling is also about meeting new people, new cultures... Maybe you will meet an incredible friend or love of your life on the other side of the world, who knows?

Happy holidays to all ! See you soon !


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