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Once upon a time, the Shemsi modest swimwear...

For tanning lovers, several kinds of modest swimwear for womenwill satisfy all preferences. From glamor to the most sophisticated one, they can fall for a bikini, a trikini, and even a tankini. Here again, between the panties, the swimsuits, or theruffle swimwear, women are spoiled for choice. But, for womens who want something more discreet, choosing a modest swimsuitcan become really difficult. And for a good reason. You have to find a resistantswimsuit for women,made with comfortable materials, which ensures perfect support. All of that without forgetting its part of femininity. Is it too much for a swimwear ?

Of course not for Shemsi, who decides to take up the challenge, in honor of all body types.


We want to propose a modest swimwearin line with your personality and your lifestyle.

Find the perfect modest swimwear : a real problem

Deciding to choose modesty for your swimwear is a choice like any other. For some, an outing at sea cannot be planned without some accessories : a sarong, a beach dress...

For others, the beach or the pool can create a real frustration if they cannot find a swimwear they feel comfortable in.

Sometimes, the curves seem like a problem, or it’s a simple desire to change the one-piece and two-piece swimsuits for something more original and discreet.

Our brand of modest swimwear covers and sublimates all kinds of bodies and curves, so that swimming becomes a real pleasure again.

Like many other women before her, the designer of Shemsi Swimwear knows this problem. For a trip to sea, she has to find a solution materialized by an adapted swimwear. And for a sporty woman by nature, stopping the activity for that only reason wasn’t a solution at all.

To chase away her frustration, she started a few searches on the Internet and perhaps like you, she decided to try the classic burkini. Certainly, it is covering, but in terms of comfort and aesthetic, it was not what she wanted.

After all, if you choose a modest swimwear, your decision doesn’t mean that the contact with the water isn’t important. In fact, it is the perfect opposite, because that feeling of being one with water is what brings pleasure and comfort in swimming. And although covering, modest or discreet, a swimsuit should not alter this experience.

So, this first solution was far from being satisfying while the need is still present.

Swimwear for modest women : the birth of a project

Obviously, finding a covering swimsuit that was elastic, comfortable and affordable was a problem for many women. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

So why not create our own solution, instead of pursuing unsuccessful searches ?

This is exactly the way that the Shemsi brand wanted to take, being as close as possible to the needs of women, to offer a covering swimsuit that meets their expectations.

Indeed, defending freedom and respect for women's choices is a project that is really close to our hearts. Everyone should be able to be in line with their lifestyle, and it is certainly not a dress choice that should stand in the way.

Thus, we first asked more than 500 women about the ideal modest swimwear according to them. The responses to this survey were aligned around the key values of Shemsi, for a discreet and covering swimsuit that is :

  •  comfortable and lightweight ;

  •  sober and without too many colors ;

  •  elegant ;

  •  practical ;

  •  not expensive.

Shemsi Swimwear : le maillot de bain femme de la gamme Muscari 


By studying the statistics and the demand of these hundreds of women, the Muscari collection is finally here. We have chosen to decline this covering swimsuitin 4 models for women : black, two-tone, with prints and a more colorful one for those who prefer it.

Likewise, we attach real importance to the materials used for a truly qualitative finished product. Centerpiece of the swimsuit, the fabric had to be selected with care. Our partners, with 20 years of experience in swimwear, knew how to align with our expectations. So, we chose the combination of elastane and polyester that seemed to be the most suitable to guarantee lightness and elasticity during movements.

The fabric blend also responds to another problem of covering swimsuits : the drying. Indeed, it was no question of proposing a modest swimwear that was weighed down when we came out from the water.

By taking inspiration from the different models of burkini already sold on the market, we wanted to bring a personalized touch of femininity to each Shemsi swimsuit. The Muscari model was designed by a woman, for women. All of that in order to offer a French unique and quality design.

That one is made of several parts :

  •   a swimsuit top with a zip neckline, and long sleeves closable at the bottom for

    convenience ;

  •  high-waisted sculpting leggings that is just as good as a shaping swimsuit ;

  •   a skirt to cover the suit’s bottom that can be tied with adjustable laces for all body

    types ;

  •   optionally, a nice turban which guarantees a good support on the head.

In other words, the Muscari model from Shemsi will become a must-have in your wardrobe for the arrival of summer. From now on, spending time at the beach or at the swimming pool will be a pleasure to share !

Buy a modest swimwear from Shemsi brand : the first step towards other collections

We wanted to offer a solution for many women who no longer fully enjoyed the pleasure offamily outings at sea. For this, the Muscari collection meets this demand, but it is far from representing all the projects we defend.

Obviously, we had to start somewhere first. But, we want every woman to be able to find thediscreet swimwearthat matches :

  •   her way of life and the events that accompany it ;

  •   her philosophy of life ;

  •   her dress style ;

  •  or even, her preference for onetype of swimsuitover another.


With the plan to expand our collection and offer other models, sizes and accessories, Shemsi Swimwear will not forget the sparks that founded the brand : meeting the needs of women, with the quality they deserve.

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