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Hello everyone, here we are again for the third article of this adventure.

We hope that your often busy September period is starting to calm down, and what better way to take your mind off things than to talk about vacations?

In this article, we will highlight ideal destinations for the month of October, whether you are as a couple, with friends or with family.

Sometimes we don't necessarily need to go far, or plan 2 months in advance to have a great vacation. In this article there will be ideas for all budgets.

And for those who don't have the chance to go on vacation, this time I suggest you write down the addresses for why not, a next adventure.

For a weekend

Lisbon is the ideal city for the month of October, with family, couples or friends.

The capital perfectly embodies the gentle way of life of Portugal, the weather is good in October with temperatures between 15º and 23º: you can easily enjoy the sunny terraces. Not very far from France, we can go for a weekend to enjoy tasty culinary specialties, climb hills with panoramic views, visit a romantic monastery, take a ride on the famous tram.

Malta, another incredible destination for a weekend in October.

The minimum temperatures are 23º, the food is Italian, the water is turquoise and it's only a few hours from France. That is the demand of the people ?

If you're lucky, you can sometimes even swim in October.

For a week

And why not a road trip to Crete?

The island is magnificent, the beaches are incredible, the temperature is pleasant... Some years the temperature rises up to 28º in October.

It is a week that will undoubtedly bring you peace and rest. It’s a relaxing and eye-pleasing trip.

Istanbul, the best season to visit this city is the mid-season.

October therefore seems ideal, the food is delicious, the monuments are more beautiful than the others and if you like cats you will be the happiest.

The historic center is very rich and notably with the Hagia Sophia Mosque, but also the Blue Mosque. It's impossible not to be amazed by the sublime, predominantly blue mosaics adorning the interior walls. History awaits you around every corner.

London for a completely different style of vacation.

A magnificent multicultural and cosmopolitan city, it has more than 800 museums and galleries, three of which are among the largest museums in the world . Additionally, public museums are all free.

Lots of tourist places, stores for shopping, shows...

In short, a great vacation!

We finish this article with our heads full of travel dreams.

We wish you a good vacation, and don't hesitate to take us on a journey with you by sending us photos that we can re-post!

And the next article will surely help you in your travel desires... Shh, it's a secret! Stay connected !


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