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Hello to everyone !

This is the first article in a long series for Shemsi Swimwear if you like this format.

This article will focus on how to accessorize your Shemsi Swimwear swimsuit, to share outfit ideas with you for your best outings accompanied by your covering swimsuit which will highlight you while respecting your level of modesty.

As you probably already know, Shemsi Swimwear full coverage swimsuits allow you to enjoy your way. It is important for us to respect your modesty, and also your femininity through our range of swimsuits which are particularly resistant, adapt to all body shapes, and meet the needs of women.

For this, we interviewed more than 500 women to find the model that would suit everyone.

You will find at the end of this article all the links grouped by outfit. Various brands will be listed to ensure a wide range of prices and styles. We invite you to share your opinions and why not your favorite beauty accessories in the comments.


For the first outfit, we present to you our famous Muscari purple which will add color to your days. There are many items that could accompany this outfit, but here is our selection: pretty sandals from the OSMOSE SHOES brand which today asserts itself as a reference in footwear in France and internationally, it defines itself as a brand which delicately combines French know-how and Italian manufacturing.

To protect your smoldering eyes, glasses from the famous house Yves Saint Laurent will be up to the task. Sober, classy and qualitative.

In order to carry all your essentials, we present to you the jute shopping bag, which can be personalized according to your taste by the talented CRE'ASY.

To finish on this beautiful outfit, the item which gives this touch of originality will be from the famous headgear designer: KATOUSHTI.


To accompany our classic Muscari black: Sandal from the brand presents OSMOSE SHOES, comfortable and aesthetic.

The "Silk Square" scarf from the CLASSY MASTOUR brand collection, which offers different patterns, each as beautiful as the next.

We fell in love with the KENZO bag accompanied by a black pareo in SHEMSI SWIMWEAR swimsuit material which is the little exclusivity of this article. Soon available on the site!

For a more colorful version, we offer you two emblematic summer items from the collection of the renowned designer JACQUEMUS: the "Artichoke" bucket hat and its beach bag.

Always sandals from the ALEXANDER MCQUEEN brand accompanied by the Sarong pareo.


For this fourth outfit, olive Muscari is in the spotlight.

The khaki sandals from the OSMOSE SHOES brand will keep your feet comfortable.

To protect yourself from the current heat in France, a FENDI bucket hat would not be amiss, with a bottle of fresh water and a book in your ZADIG & VOLAIRE basket.

And finally, a pair of PAUL VALENTINE glasses.


To embellish our Muscari blue, we selected a beautiful pair of OSMOSE SHOES heels, a KIRUMA hat as well as a bag with a sweet message of "Dolce vità" from the brand THE JACKSONS.

To finish this look in style: a pair of THE KOOPLES glasses will do its job.



We will end with our best-seller: the famous Muscari brown.

We offer you an outfit in the same tones: RALPH LAUREN mules, accompanied by a KATOUSHTI hat and a CRE'ASY tote bag.

To end on an elegant note: the PRETTY LITTLE THING kimono.

Hoping that our selections will have inspired you, and we are obviously waiting for your feedback and why not your ideas.

Have a nice day and remember that kindness and education are the assets that will always make you elegant.


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