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Shemsi modest bathing suit | When elegance and practicality are one

You dream of tanning in the sun with your family? You are convinced of one thing : you don’t want to lose a moment of joy with the people who are important to you. But your lifestyle and the crowded beaches are not a good blend... Now, you can admit it, it is really difficult to find a modest bathing suit in the shops of swimwear. Because of that, Shemsi proposes to you modesty, eleganceand practicality, all of that in one only swimwear. Knowing that, do you prefer it to-tone,colored, or simple?

The quality of a Shemsi modest bathing suit for everyone

We know how hard it is to buy a swimsuitthat is perfectly adapted to your expectations and morphology. How did we know that ? Look at your clothes : if the sizeis good, the priceis expensive. And if these two values are correct, the qualityis not always here.

These problems, Shemsi understands them and decides to create a covering swimwearin adequation with the demand of hundreds of women.

To do this, we made an ultra-quality finished product, with handpicked fabricsand anaffordable price.

When you choose to wear a Shemsi model, you claim to all that a modest bathing suitcan be as elegant and feminineas any other swimwear.

Shemsi Swimwear : a French brand which hasn’t yet said its last word

By guaranteeing a product perfectly suited to your needs, we also plan to expand ourcollection of swimwear. In this way, we hope that every woman can rediscover the pleasure of the moments spent by the water.

No matter her philosophy of life, her desires or preferences, every woman should be able to discover these little parts of happiness.

Accessories, bathing clothes, new collection of modest swimwear... The Shemsi brand will continue to impress and make people talk about it.

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